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Do you ever encounter unusual customer issues and wish you had a service expert on your side to offer perspective and guidance?

Home Address offers you a variety of consulting services covering both service and HR issues. Carol Smith is also available on retainer for long term projects. Contact her to discuss your situation and arrange for the type of support that will take your service practices to the next level.

Consulting services are configured to meet your specific needs and examples include


Carol Smith provides expert analysis and evaluation of your approach to customer service at two levels of detail:

  • Service Immersion–Developed as a response to current conditions to help builders re-vamp their service strategies and support personnel who find themselves in unfamiliar territory.
  • Customer Relations Assessment–A traditional and detailed review and analysis of every aspect of service from the point of sale through warranty, your current reputation with customers and associates, customer documents, and service policies and procedures.

Customer Materials Evaluation

Review of customer materials–homeowner guide, forms, and routine letters provides you with a written evaluation and recommendations. You can establish boundaries with user friendly written materials AND retain customer goodwill.

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Customer Service Policy & Procedure Development

Time to document your company service policies and procedures? Carol Smith can assist you in producing materials that support your organization’s philosophy. The development process unifies company thinking; the end result is invaluable for daily operations and training.

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Customer Meetings Workshop

By applying the principles of quality management to each aspect of the new home experience, builders gain control and earn higher levels of customer loyalty. Through issue identification, script development, rehearsal, and meeting observations, the customer meeting skills of your team increases dramatically.

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Field Training

Some skills are best mastered through practice and coaching. Role playing situations that commonly occur with customers followed by discussion about the interaction reinforces skills and builds confidence. Field training is an appropriate follow-up to many of the seminars, both service and HR.

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Focus Groups

Schedule focus groups to obtain feedback from homeowners, employees, real estate agents, or trade contractors. Carol Smith guides your preparation and moderates the discussion. Following the focus group, consultation with you interprets the participants’ comments to develop an action plan in response.

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Homeowner Guide Workshop

Whether you need to develop your company’s first homeowner guide or you want to update an existing one, this workshop gets the job done. Working from your existing materials, this detailed review identifies opportunities to fine tune and fortify your primary tool for aligning customer expectations.

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Judgment Calls Workshop

Most companies intend to “do the right thing.” The challenge is knowing what that right thing is. This Carol Smith workshop reviews judgment calls then provides participants with case studies. Sifting through the facts, thinking through the issues, and identifying responsibilities leads to head scratching, debate, new perspectives, and creative solutions.

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Telephone Consultation

You may wish to schedule a telephone consultation regarding a particular customer situation or policy question. Appointments are available Mon-Sat, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., MST. Contact the Home Address office to set an appointment.

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