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Service Assessment

A Service Assessment begins with a review of the documents you use with your home buyers followed by an on-site visit by Carol Smith. Depending on company size, level of productivity, and geographic factors, such visits generally extend to between two and five days.
During that time Carol will—

  • Observe company interactions with customers from sales through warranty.
  • Analyze your procedures for selections, construction meetings, orientation, and warranty.
  • Interview homeowners and company personnel.
  • Evaluate staffing levels, costs, reports, and interpret satisfaction survey results. 

Carol’s comprehensive analysis of the new home experience you provide and her resulting recommendations help you to—

  • Decrease conflicts, related costs, and brain damage.
  • Maximize your service image and reputation.
  • Increase repeat and referral buyers.
  • Attract the best employees and trade contractors.
  • Refine your customer service training for all functions.
  • Promote company prestige, pride, and personal satisfaction.

Follow up support in the form of material development, training design and implementation, workshops, and issue consultation are planned based on your needs and choices. Avoid re-inventing existing wheels when your main focus is building homes. Schedule a  Service Assessment and let Carol Smith guide you to service practices that build your business. 

Service Assessment Preparation Worksheets
Focus Groups

You may want to consider scheduling a focus group or panel discussion to obtain in-person  feedback from homeowners, employees, real Estate agents, or trade contractors. Carol Smith guides your preparation, facilitates the discussion, and assists you in Interpreting the results to help you arrive at an action plan. Areas such as trade Contractor service, customer diversity, and service expectations are examples of topics to consider. 

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