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Your training, your way...
  1. Live Online Seminars
    Typically 45-50 minutes in duration plus time for questions, these classes combine economy and scheduling flexibility while contributing to your ongoing training program. Online seminars can be scheduled individually or in a series.
  2. Recorded Online Seminars
    These classes offer the greatest economy and scheduling convenience. Learn at your own pace and place—anywhere you have Internet access. New for 2016, our recorded programs are drawn from the content of the in-person seminars. Handouts are plentiful and you’re invited to email any follow up questions directly to Carol Smith.
  3. On Site Presentations
    Your choice of keynote address, company meeting or conference programs, full or half-day agendas. For smaller audiences, break-out activities such as case studies or role plays are available. You can  schedule Carol to present in-house, exclusively for your employees, or through your local builders  association with open enrollment.

Practical, proven, & packed with information, Carol Smith’s Home Address seminars offer you solid educational support for your service efforts. Select from the menu of prepared classes or request a custom program to address specific areas you want to focus on.

And now Carol Smith’s Customer Service seminars are available in your choice of formats—

Introduction: An Experience Worth Repeating

This introductory program presents the highlights from other seminars listed on our menu and by doing so guides you in selecting the sessions that would be most meaningful to your company. You will also experience the quality and character typical of all of these classes—and we hope that will encourage you to simply sign up for all of them!

Managing to Meet Service Goals: It Starts at the Top

Service Leadership
The Power of Management Engaged

Everyone Has 2 Jobs
Developing a Service Culture

Incentive Plans
Blessing or Boondoggle?

Custom Builder Service Success I
New Home Design & Construction

Custom Builder Service Success II
New Home Delivery & Warranty, Client Feedback & Referral

Aligning Homebuyer Expectations:
Essential Key to Customer Loyalty

Home Buyer Expectations
Define, Align, & Reinforce                               
Customer Meetings I
Benefits, Planning, & Preparing
Customer Meetings II
Agenda Development
Customer Meetings III
Techniques & Challenges
Home Buyer Seminars
Marketing, Expectation Alignment, & Efficiency

Experience Engineering:
Managing the New Home Process

Would You Buy this House?
Quality Management Fundamentals for Product, Process, & Service
Partners in Service
Building Homes & Reputations

Selection Strategies
Personalizing within a Time Frame
Managing Change Requests
Without Losing Goodwill or Your Mind
Psychology of Orientation I
Purposes & Preparation
Psychology of Orientation II
Presentation & Follow Up
Closing with Style
Turning a Blur of Paperwork into a Positive Experience

Warranty Service: Path to Referrals

The Home Warranty Commitment
A Web of (Sometimes) Confusing Paperwork

Help Sales (& Others) Help Warranty
Realistic Expectations Lead to Referrals
Warranty Service Structure
Avoid Buyer Abandonment & Maintain Control
Staffing for Warranty Service
Or, Should Superintendents Manage Warranty?
Warranty Decisions
What Should Be Fixed & Who Should Do the Fixing?
Warranty Repairs
Service Excellence in Occupied Homes
Warranty Fine Points
Because One Size Does Not Fit All
The Greatest Challenge
Closure: The Holy Grail of Warranty
Warranty Office Routine
Order out of Chaos
Getting Out of a Service Hole
Conquering a Backlog of Warranty Items
Data Drives Change
Using Warranty Feedback to Improve Product, Profit, & Reputation

Communication Skills: 
Interpersonal Skills for Building Positive Relationships

Communication Fundamentals
Interpersonal Skills for Service Strength
Service Diplomacy I
Positive Responses to Negative Situations
Service Diplomacy II
More Positive Responses to Negative Situations
Writing as a Service
Write to be Read
Sincerely Yours
Composing Effective Correspondence

The Dark Side of Service:
Some Days Are Harder than Others

Navigating Gray Areas
Non-Standard Response for Non-Standard Situations
In a Word, No
Fair & Friendly Service Denials
Challenging Home Buyers
From Picky to Predatory

Redefining the Terms of Competition:
Continuous Improvement & Innovation

The Feedback Portfolio
Improving by Knowing
Referral Heaven
Put Your Reputation in the Bank
Service 401
Staying a Step Ahead in Service

Tools and Training: Tangible Support for Service

Homeowner Guides
Development, Use, & Maintenance
Documenting Service Policies & Procedures
Desktop Guide to Customer Loyalty
For Custom Builders
The Design Experience
Universal Service Guidelines
Managing the Raw Material of the Business Day
Train the Trainer
Things You Need to Know to Get Others to Know Things

Career Skills: Professionalism & Productivity

Career Skills I
Things Everyone Expects You to Know but No One Teaches
Career Skills II
Service A to Z
Organized for Success I
Goals & Objectives, Tasks & Projects
Organized for Success II
Taking Control of Your Time, Attention, & Energy
Organized for Success III
Managing Your Productivity & Quality