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Home Address
Home Address Newsletter Articles
The first issue of Home Address came out in 1986. The newsletter provided ideas, insights, and support for customer service professionals in the home  building industry for twenty years. Because the dozens of helpful tips and valuable insights that appeared in the original newsletters still apply today, PDF copies of Carol’s favorite Home Address articles can be downloaded for your use from this Article  section of our service library.
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Book Excerpts
While it is delightful that 10 of carol’s books have been sold out, many of the tips and illustrations are too valuable to let go. Carol has selected excerpts to capture many of them and make them available to you through our Service Library. You can also review samples from still available titles to help you decide whether to visit NAHB’s BuilderBooks website and
place your order for them.
Sample Forms
If you need a user friendly way to document an event,  a procedure, or information, you may find help among our menu of sample forms.