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When Carol Smith was invited years ago to teach a class on accounting she turned the offer down–“not my field of expertise”. She firmly believes that to truly understand a field you must have a passion for it and actually work in it–not merely read about it.

Recognizing that human resource practices and technological support for warranty are two areas intimately related to successful customer service, Carol has aligned Home Address with two recognized experts these fields who qualify on all counts.

Each of them share Carol’s commitment to customer loyalty as well as her ability to translate the complexities of their areas into practical actions that builders can put to use immediately. Home Address is proud to be associated with--

Human Resources expert, Ron Zeedick.

Through his firm, Vantage HRP, Ron addresses all aspects of personnel, from employee handbooks to dress codes, to terminations. Ron offers HR assessments, training seminars designed for front line and management personnel, and consulting on all aspects of HR in the home building industry.

Warranty Management expert, Tracey Gundersen.

Her company, Warranty Management Technology (WMT) has developed HOMsoft, the only U.S. patented* Internet based warranty management system. Carol’s endorsement of HOMsoft is also unique. Developed by folks who actually do warranty work, this system transforms a necessary evil into a marketing powerhouse.

*System and method of work management
U.S. Patent No. 7,835,934