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Home Buyer Expectations:
Define, Align, and Reinforce
In today’s competitive environment, securing a sale without overpromising your product, process, or service is challenging. Meeting that challenge requires a forthright system that combines accurate information, diplomacy, and subtle repetition. The front line personnel who apply this system need appropriate attitudes, skills, and tools to bring realistic expectations to life for customers. This class shows how to develop the practices and documents to achieve these goals.
Customer Meetings I:
Benefits, Planning, and Preparing
Approaching the new home process with orchestrated customer meetings provides you with a structure for reinforcing expectations at the same time it addresses home buyers’ desire for involvement. Customer Meetings I examines the benefits of planned meetings and introduces the customer meeting matrix—an invaluable tool for efficient and consistent planning of customer meetings.
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Customer Meetings II:
Agenda Development
Meeting agendas are a core element in preparing for successful customer meetings and also serve your company as a valuable training tool. This session looks in detail at the development and formatting of customer meeting agendas and offers tips on training methods such as using scripts for controversial topics. Class materials include numerous sample agendas and support materials.  

Customer Meetings III:
Techniques and Challenges
Although no two customer meetings are exactly alike, several easy to master meeting skills have been identified that increase success when consistently applied. This class examines those skills as well as methods for managing some of the sometimes difficult aspects of customer meetings. Mastering these professional habits build staff confidence, foster home buyer trust, and ensure a worthwhile return on the time invested in planned customer meetings.
Psychology of Orientation I:
A Builder’s Golden Opportunity--
Purposes and Preparation
Well-done, homeowner orientations look easy. When a competent orientation host presents a new home the meeting includes a bit of theater, a wealth of useful information, and a fair examination of the home. With detailed preparation, a strategic itinerary, and relevant agenda, this meeting successfully ends the buying process and begins the owning process. That success is achievable with a clear sense of purpose and strategies planning as described in this class.

Psychology of Orientation II:
A Builder’s Golden Opportunity--
Presentation and Follow Up
As with all customer meetings, planning and preparing establishes a good foundation. Next comes the actual presentation of the new home and corresponding interactions with the home buyers. The techniques covered in this class build confidence and customer satisfaction, then effective follow through ensures goodwill is retained.
Selection Strategies:
Controlling Details while
Home Buyers Enjoy the Process
One of the reasons home buyers purchase a new home is the opportunity to make choices. It follows that the selection process should be enjoyable and gratifying. At the same time, you need to keep control of this if you are to build the home correctly and on time. Whether your home buyers make their selections at the sales office, suppliers’ showrooms, in your free standing design studio, or some combination of these methods, this seminar will help you take the selections experience to the next level.
Incentive Plans:
Blessing or Boondoggle?
Was BF Skinner Wrong? (People will do more of that for which they receive a reward.) And is Daniel Pink Right? (Rewards for problem solving or creative work destroy motivation.) In this class, Carol examines the issues and
suggests practices that generate desired results while avoiding unintended consequences. Whether your company pays bonuses already or you are considering implementing such a program, you’ll want to be aware of the issues involved and potential (serious) side-effects. Armed with good insights, you can design incentive plans that work without leading to new problems

Would You Buy this House?
Quality Management Fundamentals for Product, Process, and Service
While formal quality management has been shown to increase both customer loyalty and profit, many companies struggle with field resistance to the discipline of written checklists and the necessary follow up they generate. This class provides a practical introduction to quality management that is both simple and effective in overcoming this resistance. Then going a step further, it demonstrates how to apply the techniques to your processes and documents. 

Warranty Service Structure:
Avoiding Buyer Abandonment
while Maintaining Control
Once viewed as a necessary evil, warranty service is now understood to be a powerful factor in earning referrals. A business practice this significant deserves to be planned with the intention of reinforcing customer loyalty and increasing future sales. This class includes suggestions for organizing the overall process, from transition service to emergencies, and from routine to random contacts.
Warranty Decisions:
What Should Be Fixed and
Who Should Do the Fixing?
The ostensible purpose of warranty inspections is making yes/no decisions based on black and white written standards. Yet when warranty inspections are done well they also include decisions based on good judgment and common sense exceptions, both of which increase customer satisfaction. This class outlines the policies and techniques needed to accomplish the obvious as well as the underlying objectives.

Warranty Repairs:
Service Excellence in Occupied Homes
Working in front of homeowners in their furnished homes carries some challenges that initial home construction does not. Demonstrating respect for the property in tangible ways and applying diplomacy in all conversations are just two of the behaviors critical to success. This session reviews over thirty useful insights for warranty personnel to keep in mind—from scheduling the appointment to turning in completed work orders.
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